Size Guide Leggings



Waist (relaxed)
Total Circumference

Total length
Top of waistband to rib cuff

Waistband to crotch
(Front rise)

Cuff width (relaxed) 

0-6 Months 37cm 35cm 19cm 7cm
6-12 Months 37cm 40cm 20cm 7cm
1 to 2 Years 39cm 44cm 20cm 8cm
2 to 3 Years 41cm 48cm 21cm 9cm
3 to 4 Years 41cm 54cm 21cm 9cm
4 to 5 Years 41cm 58cm 23cm 9cm
5 to 6 Years 41cm 62cm 24cm 9cm
6 to 7 Years 41cm 65cm 24cm 10cm
7 to 8 years 41cm 69cm 25cm 10cm
8 to 9 Years 42cm 72cm 26cm 10cm
9 to 10 Years 43cm 77cm 26cm 10cm