Why We Began Stocking Children's Leather Shoes

children's leather shoes

Five Benefits of Buying Leather Shoes for Your Children


So it’s time to start buying your little one some shoes… Exciting! Most children begin crawling at around 6-9 months and so shoes become much more of a necessity at this time.

We collaborated with Inch Blue last year to produce a range of children’s leather shoes for our customers, creating five funky designs that we knew our customers would love - available in sizes 0-24 months.

There are lots of advantages to buying leather shoes for your children and this is why we decided to add them to our amazing product range.




Here are some of the benefits of leather shoes for children:

1. Durable
Pink leather shoes


Leather shoes last longer than shoes made from canvas, mesh or other synthetic materials.
Leather is a high-quality material that will be able to comfortably withstand the adventures your little one will go on, making them a perfect fit for their wardrobe.


2. Save Time and Energy

Ellis the Elephant leather shoes

Leather is an easy material to clean, as most of the time you’ll merely need to wipe the shoes with a damp cloth and you’re good to go. 

Leather shoes will save plenty of time and energy, and as a parent that's priceless!


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 3. Flexible

Children's shoes must be sturdy and provide a reliable amount of protection to your child’s feet, however they also need to provide flexibility to bend with the feet.

Leather shoes' flexibility allows them to conform to the shape of your baby's growing feet without cutting off circulation or causing pain.

4. Enhanced fit

As leather shoes adapt to the shape of your child's feet, they offer a better and more comfortable fit!

This means their tootsies will be allowed to develop and grow naturally, as they should.

5. Breathability

No matter the activity or adventure they choose to embark upon, leather shoes will remain well ventilated and will serve to regulate the temperature of the feet they house.

The soft leather allows airflow to pass freely through the shoes, preventing bacteria build up and keeping the shoes themselves clean and fresh. 


Leather shoes are a reliable option when trying to find footwear for your little ones, with many more benefits beyond the ones we've mentioned here!

Find our range of leather shoes here and don’t forget to shop our other collections too!

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