Keeping little heads safe from the sun

If you have been watching our Facebook and Instagram lives lately you may have noticed our BRAND new collection of summer hats (in the best prints if we do say so ourselves). Now, these hats look great but they also do great too, as we have made sure that all our summer hats protect little heads from the sun.

It's so important to keep children's heads covered during the summer months, and a sun-safe hat protects the whole face, head, back of neck and ears from UV radiation as well as from overheating . A hat can also help to reduce the amount of UV radiation reaching the eyes by 50%. 

We've designed our summer hats for maximum head and neck coverage using a simple but effective bucket design and each hat offers protection of UPF50+. Not only that but each hat is made from high-quality materials making it lightweight and comfortable, so your child can wear it all day without feeling weighed down or overheated.

This means that you can have fun in the sun whilst being safe in the knowledge that your little ones head is protected. Safe fun in the sun, now time to book a holiday! 

Don't forgot that other areas not covered need to be protected with a high factor sun cream. 

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