Junior Design Gold Award for Blade & Rose Best Heritage Children's Fashion Brand

Award Winning Success for Blade & Rose

Best Heritage Children’s Fashion Brand (Brands Over 10 Years Old) Junior Design Awards

 Blade & Rose: Core Collections

WHY: Our judges were treated to a fabulous display of Blade & Rose’s finest coordinating clothes, bags and accessories. With everything from the brand’s signature leggings to blankets and lunch boxes, the panel agreed that this was a wonderfully cohesive, fun-filled and thoughtful collection. The judges’ smiles grew even wider when they heard about this brand’s ethical business practices and focus on environmental impact, with many of their items being made from recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles.

"The evolution of this brand has been wonderful to watch. From their original and fabulously cheeky leggings to recycled backpacks and rain macs and great collabs, Blade & Rose are, dare I say it, a national treasure"
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

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