Independent, Blade & Rose in the Top 9 best sunglasses for kids, that protect little eyes from harmful rays



Summer is here and everyone wants, more now than ever, to get outside in the sunshine. As you scramble out the door with sun cream and hats, remember that everyone needs to wear sunglasses too, especially your little ones.

Dan McGhee, director of professional services at Vision Express says: “Sunglasses should be worn on babies from as little as six months old, even when it is cloudy. Children’s eyes have clearer lenses which can allow more UV light to reach the eye and penetrate deeper into the retina.

"By the time they reach the age of 18, the internal eye will have absorbed 50 per cent of all the ultraviolet light they will ever absorb in their lifetime. Since damage from UV is cumulative, exposure gained as a child can build up and lead to further problems in the future”.

It can be difficult to keep sunglasses on little faces, because little noses aren’t fully formed yet and don’t have bridges which help glasses stick. Talk to kids about the importance of protecting their eyes and set a good example by always wearing your own sunglasses outside.

When buying children’s sunglasses, McGhee says: “Choose a pair of glasses that block 100 per cent of both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure they cover a good portion of the eyes and look for durable features such as flexible hinges. It always helps to give the little ones the option to choose their own glasses too – they are far more likely to wear them if they have been involved in the choosing!”


Blade & Rose Funky Orange Polarized Sunglasses

These bright, unisex glasses look very cool and funky and feel sturdy. They are not easy to break, material is flexible and durable. They stayed on our four year old tester but might be a bit loose on faces under three years old.

Both our boy and girl testers loved them as the design is unisex. They also loved the magnetic case they came in. They are very good value and it’s not a heartache if they get lost as they can be easily replaced.

£12.00, Blade & Rose 





Date: May 28th 2020


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