A roaring success for Blade & Rose and WWF UK

We are extremely proud to announce that we and all our customers that have purchased from our WWF collection, have raised  £16,740 for WWF UK (a charity registered in England and Wales (1081247) since announcing its collaboration with the charity in 2019.


The WWF Collection consists of five unique designs, featuring animals from across the globe which are at risk of extinction, including the tiger, rhino, panda, sea turtle and elephant.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the collection is designed to be fun, practical and super comfy for little ones, as well as being sustainable, soft and kind to children’s skin.

Each pair of leggings costs £12, with 10% going to WWF UK, helping to make a difference to animals all over the world by improving animal populations and habitats.

According to an approved WWF Shopping List, the £11,000 raised by Blade & Rose for WWF UK in the last year could be used towards the following:

To fit satellite collars to 44,000 African Elephants to monitor movements and help reduce human-wildlife conflict and protect against poaching.

For 1,100 community based anti-poaching patrol members to spend one day in the field protecting Panda habitats.

To pay for 11 sets of night vision equipment to help rangers on their anti-poaching patrols for African Rhinos.

To pay for approximately 3,500 community based anti-poaching patrols (of three people) in the field for one day protecting Tigers and Rhinos on the outskirts of Bardia National Park, Nepal.

To pay for flipper tags for 5,500 turtles so that they can be uniquely identified by the turtle conservation groups.

 xx Blade & Rose Team

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